Feeding the Mind: The Future of E-Learning in China

Research Abstract

Feeding the Mind

Can China effectively feed the minds of its children through the utilization of e-learning? This paper provides a comprehensive study of the implications of e-learning on China's future. It not only analyzes the current and future situations of China's educational system, but also provides evidence supporting the implementation of an e-learning platform that would reduce the education gap between the urban East and the rural West. Trends pertaining to GDP, government expenditures, Internet usage, and school enrollment are analyzed through trend extrapolation in order to study the possible futures created by these trends. Two key uncertainties regarding the future of e-learning in China are the degree of interference of the Chines Communist government and the potential for sustainable technology growth. These uncertainties are researched in detail in order to produce an accurate forecast of possible futures. From the various interactions of the two main uncertainties, a preferred future scenario is developed, as well as three alternative future scenarios. These scenarios aim to assist businesses in assessing potential opportunities in China. Strategies and solutions are formulated in an attempt to guide businesses' discovery of viable solutions for improving the Chinese education system. China is clearly a primary economic arena of the future, but its ability to sustain growth and development depends upon its next generation; thus, this generation must be thoroughly educated in order to best maintain China's success. Today's businesses must provide China with the necessary tools to properly educate hundreds of millions of children, so that they can continue to make the necessary decisions to keep China on track for sustainable growth.
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