Get Smart - Energy Efficiency and Smart Grids

Research Abstract 

Smart Grid

As America and the rest of the world becomes more advanced, so too must the energy system utilized to facilitate such progress. It is important to realize where society is headed in terms of energy consumption if nothing is done to improve the current U.S. power grid.

This research paper looks to determine future demand for electricity, population growth, energy prices, and the energy lost through the inefficient system used today. This is accomplished through the analysis of trends in collected data, future projections, and comparisons between indicators.

The conclusion reached is that at the rate the U.S. is growing, distribution of energy will grow more expensive as resources decrease and demand reaches new heights. Looking at the benefits smart grid technology can provide, like efficiency in distribution and emissions, it becomes clear that a gradual shift to a smart grid system can help the U.S. overcome the projected trends derived from the data in this research paper.

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