Moving China into the 21st Century: Modernizing China's Transportation Infrastructure

Research Abstract

China Transportation

China has undergone unprecedented growth to attain the world's second largest economy, and with globalization their development has made an indelible impact on the economy and environment of the world. One major Chinese industry that affects the rest of the world is its transportation industry. The Chinese private and public transportation industry impacts the rest of the world through carbon emissions creating global warming, raw material demand specifically with fossil fuels, and vehicular demand. While the impact of the Chinese transportation system already has a strong effect on the globe, by 2050 the impact will be exponentially stronger. This research paper investigates China's growing transportation sector and the potential and harmful impacts that may potentially occur in our lifetimes, in addition to business opportunities and how this growth will affect the global well being. In order to best predict the impact by 2050, various methods were taken including strategic trend analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis of selected data. The conclusive results demonstrate that China's current transportation infrastructure is antiquated, and their current trends are unsustainable and will have toxic repercussions on the global well being if no change of action is taken. In addition, this paper presents alternative futures for the Chinese transportation industry in addition to the country of China itself if different courses are taken.

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