Railroad Revival - Analyzing the Future of American High-Speed Rail

Research Abstract

Railroad Revival

Our group researched the transportation sector, and more specifically, the plausibility of implementing High-Speed Railway (HSR) systems within the United States. We began by observing the historical nature of HSR within the United States, examining the reasons why a HSR overhaul of the rail industry has failed in the past. Consideration was given to key variables including intercity rail ridership demand and public vs. private ownership of the rail systems. Using a case study approach, the Shinkansen Kyushu HSR Network within Japan was used to examine the performance of a successful HSR system and highlight potential investment opportunities that may emerge within U.S. regions exhibiting high population density and strong economic growth. Several U.S. corridors were examined to prioritize those most suited for HSR development, and a scenarios approach was utilized to anticipate a range of uncertain future outcomes.

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