What is the Future of Mobile Technology as it Relates to Healthcare in Africa?

Research Abstract

Maternal Health

This research project explores the ways that technology, specifically mobile phone technology, can impact maternal healthcare in Africa. While many different types of technology are bringing rapid changes to healthcare in developing countries, our research focuses on the potential impact of mobile phones. We analyzed trends across 10 countries in Africa; the main focus of our research is on Kenya where GE hopes to enter the market. We used a statistical analysis of trends and categorized them into ones regarding potential for economic growth, necessary infrastructure and technology, and government and financial institutions. Using this data, we analyzed the business potential of mobile technology in Kenya. Furthermore, we used these trends to consider what other countries may be suitable for entering the mobile technology market. We also discuss the practical implications for introducing mobile phone technology to the African market, as it relates to educating the market about the technology, financing these projects and developing necessary infrastructure and resources needed to support them. Through an analysis of fifty health programs implemented in other developing countries, we were able to conclude the necessary factors for success. Finally, this paper will address business opportunities and disadvantages for any company entering the mobile technology market in Africa, specifically with regards to improving maternal health care.

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