Brick-and-Mortar Retailing: There's an App for That!

Research Abstract

Brick and Mortar Photo

This research project examines the future of mobile retailing in major urban areas in the United States. This report utilizes several categories of current trends in the retailing and technology spaces to project visions of the future environment of mobile retailing. These trends are comprised of topics affecting consumer behavior including: smartphone usage, urbanization, hispanic population growth, online sales, mobile applications, social networking, privacy concerns, and online sales tax. Two main uncertainties—mobile payment technology and security software development—will shape the future visions of this subject. For each of these potential scenarios different business implications, including opportunities, threats, and ethical considerations, are developed to add color to the analysis and to encourage retailers to prepare themselves for the entire set of future scenarios. While one scenario driven by high technological advances and strong online security software is the most preferred scenario, the trending of several relevant data sets indicates that the scenario marked by high mobile payment technology but low levels of security is the most likely.

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