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The Foresight course involves deep-dive studies into areas of business where change is both imminent and likely to be disruptive. Because most of the issues are evolving in real-time, there is tremendous opportunity for students to learn from the people currently working in these areas. Mentors guide student teams as they develop their research projects, offering the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mendoza College of Business Foresight Program?
The Foresight Program is a signature offering at the Mendoza College of Business that is a required course for all junior-level business students.

What is the purpose of the class?
The course focuses on the major trends expected to shape the world, and provides students with a framework for thinking critically about change and making decisions regarding the future. Foresight pushes students to demonstrate critical, creative and systems-thinking skills in order to fully understand complex change, and how business can drive positive outcomes across all stakeholder groups.

What is the student Foresight Project?
The project is a semester-long, deep-dive assessment that culminates in a final paper approximately 25-35 pages in length. Teams of four to five students work together to present a current assessment of the issue, evidence-based projections of a future baseline and alternative scenarios, and implications for business.

What is the role of a mentor?
Mentors serve as a resource for the student teams, providing a real-world perspective as they advise them on their projects. Mentors provide context as to how their project would be approached in a real world business setting, guidance on focusing the topic, feedback on the status and direction of the team, and possibly recommendations on information resources for the team to review.

How do the mentors interact with the teams? How much time is involved?
The mentors typically provide guidance via 2 - 4 one-hour conference calls during the semester. The mentor's total time involvement is approximately 4-6 hours over two months.

What does a mentor get in return?
Upon completion, the findings from the project will be shared via the final paper and possibly a presentation from the student team. Mentors also get a wonderful opportunity to work with amazing Notre Dame undergrads!

How do I get more information about becoming a Foresight Mentor?
Contact the Foresight Team