Financial Inclusion through Mobile Commerce in the United States

Research Abstract

financial inclusion poster picture

This project addresses the question, “What is the future of financial inclusion through mobile commerce in the United States as it relates to trends and changes in socioeconomic dispersion, government policy, and developing technological capabilities?” First, the current state of financial inclusion through mobile commerce is assessed by outlining the dynamics of the system boundaries, relevant stakeholders, and primary factors that will affect the future of financial inclusion. After establishing dependent and independent variables descriptive of this future, current trends are extrapolated to develop a comprehensive baseline forecast. Future scenarios are described as recognition of uncertainties in the futures of government involvement and technology: Tortoise reflects the expected scenario derived from the baseline forecast, Hare provides a slightly modified perspective of Tortoise, Bull is considered the most optimistic possibility, and Bear depicts the worst-case scenario. Business implications for each of these situations are discussed, which provide the reader with a robust understanding of the range of potential futures. This study, which offers an ultimately positive outlook for financial inclusion through mobile commerce in the United States, is meant to serve as a thorough, but non-exhaustive analysis based on research and expert opinion. 

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